Two Day Workshop

Course Dates:

November 21st & 22nd – Cheltenham

Day One:

Introduction to Narcissistic Traits and Emotional Abuse For Therapists.

This is a course aimed at therapists. Narcissistic/Emotional abuse is something that more and more therapists are encountering. The course aims to equip therapists with a good working knowledge of narcissistic traits and the different types of emotional abuse. 

Understanding emotional abuse will be useful with clients regardless of whether the abuse comes from somebody exhibiting pathological narcissistic traits or not.

The course will cover:

  • Narcissistic Traits 
  • Different types of Narcissists – The Narcissistic Paint Palette 
  • Narcissistic/Emotional Abuse – The different types of abuse and how it manifests interpersonally.
  • How to spot narcissistic/emotional abuse in the therapy room
  • Some ideas on working therapeutically with this client group.

Day Two:

Working Therapeutically with Adult Children of Narcissistic Parents

This course can only be attended after you have completed the Narcissistic and Emotional Abuse for Therapists course.

Narcissistic Abuse in families is an important topic for therapists to understand. With narcissism becoming a buzz word for those whom are perhaps arrogant and abusive, the actual impact of a narcissistic parent is so damaging, it’s vital therapists are able to recognise and understand how a client from such a parent might respond. 

The course approaches the issue by first understanding the jargon and colloquialisms, then looks at building a secure attachment style for the client using the therapeutic relationship. 

The course will cover 

  • What the Narcissistic Parent looks like
  • The Family Roles – Experience and Impact
  • Looking at Narcissistic Traits in Context
  • Looking at Emotional Abuse in Context
  • Knowing our own Prejudices
  • Understanding the Complementary Moral Defence
  • Recognising it in the Room
  • Introducing the Idea to a Client
  • The Importance and Implication of Attachment Theory
  • Working with it Therapeutically


Two Day Workshop: £145

One Day Workshop: £75

(Please note you cannot do the Second day if you haven’t attended the first day already. If you book it regardless, we will have to refund you minus a 10% admin fee)

Once we have received payment, you will be sent all the necessary information, and the week before the workshop you will be sent handouts to print and bring with you.


There will be no refund for cancellations made within 21 days of the course, and cancellations made beforehand will incur a 10% handling charge. However, places are transferrable provided we are given the full name and contact information of the person you are transferring to.

Course Dates (please click links to book):

Cheltenham: 21st and 22nd November 2020