Narcissistic Abuse in Families for Therapists

This course can only be attended after you have completed the Narcissistic and Emotional Abuse for Therapists course.

Narcissistic Abuse in families is an important topic for therapists to understand. With narcissism becoming a buzz word for those whom are perhaps arrogant and abusive, the actual impact of a narcissistic parent is so damaging, it’s vital therapists are able to recognise and understand how a client from such a parent might respond.

The course approaches the issue by first understanding the jargon and colloquialisms, then looks at building a secure attachment style for the client using the therapeutic relationship.

This course will cover:

  • The two faces of narcissism – understanding how a client may feel completely unable to challenge the parent.
  • The family roles in narcissism – how it all plays out, the roles family members are made to play, and the behaviours used to control and manipulate.
  • The therapist’s own phenomenology of parents – increasing self awareness around subjectivity of parents so as to increase the ability to bracket and avoid projection.
  • Remodelling parenting – helping the client experience unconditional relationship through therapy.
  • Building a therapeutic alliance based on a secure attachment relationship, while holding boundaries.

Narcissistic Abuse in Families for Therapists

Taking place at the Drill Hall in Chepstow on the 7th of February 2020.