Autistic Traits – Social Interaction. Part 2 of 3.

Me again! So yesterday I posted about the behaviours that might be considered autistic traits and how you can help accommodate them and help the autistic person. Today’s blog is about social interaction and how that impacts an autistic person. As yesterday, please remember that within the diagnosis of autism, every single person is unique [...]

Mothering Sunday

I’m sitting here thinking about all the people who are going to find tomorrow hard, and my heart is aching for you. For those who find Mothering Sunday hard, whether it’s because you aren’t one, don’t have one, wish you had a different one, or any of the other multitude of reasons, you’re in my [...]

Emotional Parentification

So a couple of days ago I wrote about Instrumental Parentification. In that blog I explained that there are 3 types of parentification, Instrumental, Emotional, and Narcissistic. Today I’m going to write about Emotional Parentification. So, what is Emotional Parentification? Well, ultimately, and most simply, it is when the parent relies on their child for [...]

Your circle

Your circle. Your circle will accept you 100% as you are. They will never ask you to conform to something they need you to be. They will never ask you to be less, and they will never ask you to be more. They will support you in public and correct you in private. They will [...]