Autism Awareness Workshops.

Autism Awareness is very current in the social climate at the moment. It can be difficult to understand the challenges faced by an individual with Autism attempting to operate in a society that doesn’t always accommodate those who see the world differently. 
My workshops aim to explain what challenges Autistic people might experience, but how within their diagnoses they are still unique, offering a wonderful perspective and insight into different aspects of the life and work environment.

I aim to show what you might need to consider when working with someone with Autism, and how to build a compassionate and considerate working environment in order to maximise their potential, and offer them support in the challenges they may face.

My workshops are light hearted and fun, with a serious and helpful message. They can be tailored to your requirements, both by content and time restraints.

Please call 07766 754824 or Email Me to discuss your requirements. Thank you.

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